Master Attraction &
Dating Skills For Men

Subject to social isolation lifting & it's safe to do so. If not we will postpone the event.
  • FREE Seminar, Marylebone, London.
  • Anxious Free Dating Success.
  • Effective Approach To Attraction.
  • Be Confident in Any Encounter.
  • No More Lonely Nights.
  • No More Feeling Unworthy.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd.
  • Develop a Strong Masculine Foundation.
  • Build A Thriving Social Life.



I really sucked at human interactions, especially when it involved women. What else do you expect from a guy like me who had spent over 25 years locked behind a computer screen to learn the language of data instead of the language of love.

When it came to going up to a girl I fancied for a chat, that never happened. The End.

I wanted to be in a loving relationship like anyone else and enjoy the intimacy. But I just couldn't make it happen and if I did, the relationships would be a struggle.

That felt horrible. I felt worthless and not good enough.

One day I decided to turn this around and fully committed to make my life very different. Years on, now I help men not missed out in interacting and dating women, be social and enjoy the life they deserve.

I’ve helped 1000s of people, including European Ministers, Singers, Founders, Investors and many others. I share my wealth of life experience and insights into personal behavior through many years of 1:1 coaching and seminars throughout Europe and Asia.

Working alongside Dr. Robert Glover,
the famous author of the book
"No More Mr. Nice Guy"


Jamie Pelaez

"I was able to work with Faisal and he was able to transform me in the best way. His direct, intuitive and supportive style of coaching helped in several areas: family, personal goals and success with women.”
Scott Mooney

“Faisal has worked diligently at cultivating his mastery of the dating world. His results speak for themselves and the fun that he is having in life gives us a lesson on how we can live with fun and authenticity.”
Mike Allen
“Faisal has been a great inspiration to me to be the best man I can be. He's helped me with my confidence and taught me some things that have made a huge difference to my life.”

Sometimes we don't know where to turn to, who to turn to and how to get started in life. This could be the event that changes everything for you.

  • How to meet and date the kind of women you’ve always wanted.
  • Using conversation to build sexual attraction and tension.
  • Learn how to flirt without being creepy or needy.
  • No cheap tactics, gimmicks, or time wasting manipulations to get what you want.
  • Successfully make the first move and keep her attraction.
  • No longer feel invisible.
  • No longer live with the fear of rejection.
  • No longer suffering and obsessing over a girl.
  • No longer letting failure rule your life.
  • No longer having no or lame dates.
  • No longer nothing to do on weekends feeling lonely & miserable.
  • No longer going for second best.
  • No longer miss out in great interactions, dates, relationships and sex.
  • No longer running around chasing aimlessly and getting nowhere.
  • No longer feeling not enough.
  • No longer be intimidated by her gorgeous looks or her status.
  • No longer be her backup plan.
  • No longer feeling frustrated.
  • No longer keep reading book after book and never actually changing.
  • No longer being stagnant & not taking direct action.
  • No longer being lonely for the rest of your life.